Potions Cocktails that reach the SOUL and become flavours to make LIFE more beautiful. With the passage of time, the original cultures and the new migrations that Latin America received will nuance this ESOTERIC cultural collage, connecting with nature and the universe, taking its herbs and stones as talismans and tools such as the pendulum, Tarot cards or hand reading, among others. To try to understand us, grow and improve.
Love and Wellfare
Atrae Suerte / 11€ Ideal for moments when we need a lucky strike
La Guadalupe / 11€ Will bring peace and well-being for you and your closest surroundings
Balsamo Tranquilizador / 11€ It will calm anxieties and insecurities, it will strengthen self-love
Abre Caminos / 10€ To aid with opening the doors to all your desire
Strength and Protection
Sal de Mi / 12€ Get rid of the unwanted, prepare yourself for the best
Quita Penas / 10€ It will take all my worries away
Vence Todo / 13€ To help remove obstacles from your path
Conmigo Nadie Puede / 11€ Recharge your trust, reinforce your soul
Plates Let us know if you have any alergies!
Nachos / 5€ With Huancaina Sauce
Hummus / 6€ With fried onion, pepper and coriander
Choclito / 6€ Burned corn with huancaina sauce, spices and coriander
Anticuchos / 7€ Spikes of spicy tofu, pickle cucumber and pineapple
Open from 19 to 01hs. Wednesday to Mondays. No reservation taken. For more info or collabs writes us by our social media or by e-mail
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· LA SANTORÌA arises from the recognition of a common pattern that has crossed LATIN AMERICA and that shaped the general culture of our continent. The processes of colonization and conquest brought radical changes giving rise to new ways of being. Santeria is a consequence of this TRANSFORMATION, arising from the imposition of Catholicism on Africans inserted as slaves in this continent, who in order to preserve their faith and life make their religions and RITUALS clandestine. On the one hand, their saints were hidden behind Catholic ones located on altars of the churches in order to be venerated without being discovered, a situation that gives birth to the phenomenon of SYNCRETISM, where these saints merge, thus creating a new way of faith; and on the other hand, their rituals created to achive WISHES are transformed into clandestine potions; potions that mutate according to various needs. If you have to clean the house, these potions will be incense or if they are to cleanse the body, they will be bath salts, for example. Here these potions are cocktails.