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· LA SANTORÌA arises from the recognition of a common pattern that has crossed LATIN AMERICA and that shaped the general culture of our continent. The processes of colonization and conquest brought radical changes giving rise to new ways of being. Santeria is a consequence of this TRANSFORMATION, arising from the imposition of Catholicism on Africans inserted as slaves in this continent, who in order to preserve their faith and life make their religions and RITUALS clandestine. On the one hand, their saints were hidden behind Catholic ones located on altars of the churches in order to be venerated without being discovered, a situation that gives birth to the phenomenon of SYNCRETISM, where these saints merge, thus creating a new way of faith; and on the other hand, their rituals created to achive WISHES are transformed into clandestine potions; potions that mutate according to various needs. If you have to clean the house, these potions will be incense or if they are to cleanse the body, they will be bath salts, for example. Here these potions are cocktails.